Merry Christmas






I only got home from Paris last night and still had to gift wrap all of my gifts and wanted to make Christmas cards as well. So I needed something that is easy and simple to make but yet pretty to look at. When I was holding the silver shimmering gift wrap paper in my hands, I came up with the idea of cutting deer heads out of it and simply clue them on different colored card boards. I love the result and cannot wait to see the happy faces of my family and friends when I hand them there gifts.

Merry Christmas everyone!



Christmas at Lafayette

Lafayette Christmas

Lafayette Paris


Lafayette window

Lafayette christmas window


Just like every year, Galerie Lafayette has beautifully decorated its shopping windows on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. This Christmas, the 12 shopping windows are telling the story of the doll Lilly and the bear Martin who receive a mysterious invitation. In each window the two friends are experiencing a different adventure which draws hordes of people (kids and adults) in front of the windows each day. One can hardly walk on the Boulevard between the 6th of November and the 1st of January, when the fairy tale ‘Il était one fois’ (once upon a time) will have to disappear from the shopping windows. The beautiful Christmas tree that is set up inside of Galerie Lafayette every year looks amazing, especially together with the stunning glass roof of the building.