Comme A Lisbonne – A Pastelaria In The Heart Of Paris

Pasteis de Nta




When I went to Lisbonne earlier this year, I couldn’t stop eating ‘Pasteis de Nata’, a Portuguese egg tart pastry topped with cinnamon. The original version of this delicious and sweet delight, comes from Belém, a beautiful district in Lisbon. The other day, while walking through one of my favorite Parisian districts, I discovered that the the famous Portuguese pastry has finally made its way to the French capital. You will find delicious and authentic Pasteis de Nata, in the small pastelaria ‘Comme A Lisbonne’ in Le Marais area of Paris. The patisserie is tiny and therefore more suitable for take-aways (2 Euros/pastry). Other Portuguese specialities like fish, wine, olive oil, salt, jam, honey, chocolates & tea Gorreana which comes from Europe’s only tea plantation can be purchased there as well.

Make sure to check out my recipe for Pasteis de Belem, to see how you can easily make them at home!

Comme à Lisbonne
37, rue du Roi de Sicile
75004 Paris

Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm


Perfect Cinnamon Buns

cinnamon role

When I left Toronto in 2011 to move back to Europe I had a minor panic attack when I realized that I might not be able to eat another Cinnabon in my life. I adore these fluffy swirls of dough with their unique smell of cinnamon and perfect cream cheese frosting. Back in Europe I tried many copycat recipes until I had recreated them close to perfection.

recipe (serving: 15 rolls)

  • dough: 60 ml water, 1/4 l milk, 100g melted butter, 1 1/4 eggs, 1tsp. salt, 120 g sugar, 550 g flour, 7 g dry yeast
  • filling: 200 g light brown sugar, 5 tsp. cinnamon, 110 g magarine
  • frosting: 110 g cream cheese, 110 g margarine, 225 g powdered sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/8 tsp lemon flavor
  • remove one large egg from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature
  • melt butter, add water and mil and let it cool down
  • add remaining ingredients
  • remove margarine from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature
  • in a small bowl, mix the born sugar and the cinnamon
  • roll and stretch the dough out on a lightly floured surface into a rectangle (38 x 61 cm)
  • spread the softened margarine over the dough and then evenly distribute the sugar and cinnamon mixture
  • starting at the far edge roll it up tightly toward the clean edge, trim the left and right ends of the roll
  • cut the roll into 15 pieces (3.8 cm each)
  • place 5 rolls into a baking pan with parchment paper, cover it with a cloth and let rise for 1 hour
  • bake at 154° C for 15 minutes.
  • for the frosting: place cream cheese and margarine into a mixing bowl, blend it for 6 minutes (slow mixing), whip it for 10 minutes (medium speed); slowly add the powdered sugar and flavors
  • put the frosting in the fridge and frost the rolls while they are still warm

These cinnamon rolls are best when they are still warm but the smell of them in the oven makes it impossible to wait until they have cooled down anyways 🙂

Chocolate Soufflé

chocolate soufflé

I am completely in love with chocolate! No wonder that this recipe is one of my favorite desserts.
It is absolutely delicious and at the same time fast and easy to prepare.
As the dough needs to be frozen before putting the soufflé in the oven, this recipe can even be made
days in advance.

servings: 4 – 6
preparation time: 30 min + 12 h cooling time

2 eggs, & 2 egg yolk
80 g sugar
90 g dark chocolate coating (couverture)
100 butter cut in cubes
80 g flour, butter & flour for the baking dishes
chocolate sprinkles to decorate


  • whisk eggs, egg yolk and sugar up until the sugar dissolves
  • slowly melt the chocolate coating, add the butter cubes and stir until it is smooth
  • gently fold the chocolate/butter mix in the eggs/sugar mixture
  • sift the flour and carefully fold into the mixture
  • grease 6 small baking forms and sprinkle them with flour.
  • fill each form 2/3 full and set them into the freezer for 12 hours or over night.
  • just before serving, set the frozen baking forms into the preheated oven (180° C, 13 minutes)
  • carefully turn the forms upside down and set the soufflé on a plate.
  • decorate with chocolate sprinkles
  • tipp: serve with vanilla ice cream