Comme A Lisbonne – A Pastelaria In The Heart Of Paris

Pasteis de Nta




When I went to Lisbonne earlier this year, I couldn’t stop eating ‘Pasteis de Nata’, a Portuguese egg tart pastry topped with cinnamon. The original version of this delicious and sweet delight, comes from Belém, a beautiful district in Lisbon. The other day, while walking through one of my favorite Parisian districts, I discovered that the the famous Portuguese pastry has finally made its way to the French capital. You will find delicious and authentic Pasteis de Nata, in the small pastelaria ‘Comme A Lisbonne’ in Le Marais area of Paris. The patisserie is tiny and therefore more suitable for take-aways (2 Euros/pastry). Other Portuguese specialities like fish, wine, olive oil, salt, jam, honey, chocolates & tea Gorreana which comes from Europe’s only tea plantation can be purchased there as well.

Make sure to check out my recipe for Pasteis de Belem, to see how you can easily make them at home!

Comme à Lisbonne
37, rue du Roi de Sicile
75004 Paris

Tuesday – Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm


Christmas at Lafayette

Lafayette Christmas

Lafayette Paris


Lafayette window

Lafayette christmas window


Just like every year, Galerie Lafayette has beautifully decorated its shopping windows on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. This Christmas, the 12 shopping windows are telling the story of the doll Lilly and the bear Martin who receive a mysterious invitation. In each window the two friends are experiencing a different adventure which draws hordes of people (kids and adults) in front of the windows each day. One can hardly walk on the Boulevard between the 6th of November and the 1st of January, when the fairy tale ‘Il était one fois’ (once upon a time) will have to disappear from the shopping windows. The beautiful Christmas tree that is set up inside of Galerie Lafayette every year looks amazing, especially together with the stunning glass roof of the building.

Miss Dior exhibition

Miss Dior expo Paris






Today I went to the Miss Dior exhibition in Le Grand Palais in Paris. I loved to see the sketches of the perfume bottles and how they have evolved over time. Some beautiful Dior dresses from the 1950s and 1960s are displayed in the exhibition as well – simply amazing! The last day of the exhibition will be on Monday. If you are still planning on seeing the exhibition, you should take some time as the waiting line in front of the building is one hour even on weekdays, but to see the art of Dior it is definitely worth the wait!

Eggs & Co.

Bild 7


eggs co

This morning I visited this brunch place in Paris. This cute restaurant with its wonderful food and charming ambience is located in the heart of the St. Germain area. After reading so many good things about it, I decided to go and try it myself. I enjoyed some coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, delicious omelette and pancakes…super yummy, I love this place! If you are in Paris, make sure you go for some Eggs & Co.

11 Rue Bernard Palissy, 6ème arrondissement (Paris)

Antique Fashion Magazines

book market

old fashion magazine

le petit echo de la mode

antique fashion magazine


antique fashion

Yesterday I went to an antique book market in Paris and was lost in there for hours. After digging through stall after stall, I found exactly what I had been looking – antique fashion magazines. I bought 2 editions of the fashion magazine “Le Petit Echo de la Mode” from 1947 and 1948. With a little bit of patience and luck you might find some real treasures at affordable prices. Some of the booksellers are specialized in old fashion books which are truly amazing. I also found some pretty publications of “La mode Pratique” from 1907 with sketches of women’s fashion to frame.

The antique and used book market is held every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm throughout the year in in the former horse market at 104 rue Brancion next to the Parc Georges-Brassens. 60 booksellers present their changing wares and treasures.

“Esprit Dior, Miss Dior”

Dior has dedicated an entire exhibition to my favorite perfume – Miss Dior!

66 years after Christian Dior presented his first collection, Le Grand Palais Paris will open its doors to the Miss Dior exhibit, titled “Esprit Dior, Miss Dior”. The exhibit is a homage to Miss Dior and visitors will be able to see vintage photos, historical manuscripts and the Miss Dior inspired art work of 15 female artists. Shirin Neshat, Carole Benzaken and Joana Vasconcelos are among the artist that have been invited by Dior.

I can assure you that I will be the first person knocking on the doors of the Grand Palais on November 13th. Stay tuned for my pictures and impression of the exhibit.

The exhibit will take place in Le Grand Palais from November 13 – 25. Free entrance.


Forever 21 in Paris


Forever 21 is continuing on its European quest by opening a 27,000 square foot store in the center of Paris. As I have been traveling out of town last week, I was not able to go to the shop opening last thursday, but today I finally got the chance to check it out. The shop is located on the popular Rue Rivoli and offers mainly women’s clothing but also features a collection for children. Those of you who know Forever 21 from other countries might be surprised as the French collection has been slightly adapted, focusing on more premium offers.

To me, it is amazing to see how Forever 21 is becoming so popular in Europe without indulging in huge advertising campaigns. The brand mostly relies on word-of mouth and some social-media activities and is still growing at a fast pace. Besides Paris, another store has opened in the UK and almost at the same time the first Forever 21 shop has settled in Munich. I am excited to see at which pace Forever 21 will continue to expand throughout Europe!

Forever 21, 144 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Street Art in Paris

Sacre Coeur


If you ever come to Paris, make sure to check out one of my favorite spots in the city! Enjoy the beautiful Sacre Coeur cathedral and the breathtaking view over the city. If you are lucky, you might get to see the football freestyler Iya Traore perform right in front of the cathedral. Soccer tricks are nothing new, but I think it’s pretty safe to say you’ve never seen anything like this before!